Soulcalibur IV has a CAS of Thousands!

I’m really excited about Soulcalibur IV. Even more so than playing through the Story Mode or kicking arse with Jedi, I’m hot about the game’s Character Customization. Being able to outfit the main cast is cool (and I hope, pretty deep), but the best will be how you’ll be able to create your own warrior from scratch. The CAS or Create-a-Soul feature in Soul Calibur III was pretty solid, and we’ve been expecting great things from SCIV’s ‘expanded’ feature. There hasn’t been much about the new CAS feature though… at least, until now!
Recently posted online are a bunch of pics showing off what appear to be Custom Characters. The detail in the character models seem at the very least at par with the main cast and Guest Characters (or, in the case of Angol Fear, better… heh), and the clothing/armor they are wearing seem very varied.
So far shown are a Girl wearing cat ears and barbarian attire, a cowboy-hat and tie-wearing femme fatale, a cool afro samurai, a big barbarian with an axe and various samurai in very-detailed and ornate armor. From the images, I can glean that we can now have different body types for our CAS (big, small, average?), and different races (African-American, as well as Asian and Western). I think the occupations from SCIII are back, with at least the Samurai class apparently accounted for (YEAH!). We’ll just have to see if there are any new classes- I’m hoping the Dancer class is back though… Tambourine-wielding Terminators ROCK! Man, this game is gonna be fun. Soulcalibur IV ships out late July.


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