Soulcalibur IV CAS Information

Some cool cats over at GameFAQs posted some translations of the latest magazine scans featuring Soulcalibur IV’s Create-a-Soul feature. Here are the cool stuff…

CREATE-A-SOUL Character Creation/Customization
* There will be complete freedom to use parts, color changes and clothing/armor combinations to build your CAS’ appearance
* Body builds and musculature may also be modified, and there will be 100 levels of modification. This will allow for more unique characters who are visibly different from other CAS
* You can customize fighting styles and abilities
* New parts and clothing/armor and equipment can be bought or earned in play
* There will be about 20 points of customization on characters. You can also customize voices, and equip items on the existing characters (main cast?)

Story Mode
* Character Swapping will be featured (Tag Team Matches?). Character Changes can be done to perform combos, which will deplete a meter on the lower corner side of the screen
* Teammates may leave or join at the end of the battle

Tower of Lost Souls: A one-player mode where the goal is to reach the top
* Each level has treasure chests filled with ‘goodies’
* Opponents will have the ability to ‘swap out’ while fighting players
* In this mode, you can choose either CAS or existing fighters; the CAS may be the key to victory

MAN! All this sounds awesome. Soul Calibur games have always, ALWAYS been chock full of stuff, goodies, fan service and fun, and SCIV looks like it’s gonna be the best ever. The CAS feature sounds impressive, and if Team Soul gets the balance right, it might set the tone for fighting games to come. All I can say is, July can’t come soon enough. Thanks to Kayuza, Shadowkat and Evil99019 from GameFAQs


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