Soulcalibur IV Boss Revealed?

If you’ve been watching the most recent trailers for Soulcalibur IV, you may have noticed a certain white-haired, scarred and armored fella who was seen wielding what appeared to be a sawed-off version of Soul Edge (well, either that or a pretty pissed-off squid). Well, a name has been given to this face, and his name is Algol– not to be confused with Angol Fear, a mangaka-created guest character, or a former US Vice President-turned global-warming warmonger. This guy is supposedly one of the original wielders of Soul Edge, and may be the boss, or at least one of the bosses, waiting for players in the game’s story mode. So, what’s his story? I suspect he may have something to do with Hilde’s storyline. He’s plainly not a very nice guy in any case… more on this as we get it.


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