More Tekken 6 E3 Tidbits has just posted an article on Tekken 6, and from it I can assume that they are expecting the much-anticipated PS3 version of Namco-Bandai’s flagship fighter sooner rather than later…

After the features-light PSN port that was Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection, PS3 owners are ready for a full-featured fighting game. They don’t have much longer to wait either. In addition to including online multiplayer for Tekken 6 at launch – a feature which Dark Resurrection didn’t receive until almost six months after its release – the game also boasts a brand new story, multi-tiered stages, day/night stage variants and several new gameplay mechanics, including character-specific item-based attacks and a “rage” system which kicks in when a character’s health is almost gone.

Hmmm. I’m hoping these guys are right. With Soulcalibur IV nearing the corner, it just seems right for Namco to bring out their other big fighting game gun. Maybe Tekken 6 has been quiet all this time since the developers are adding all the console-specific stuff (cinematics, modes, extra customs) and perfecting the online play (which is sure to be crucial) so it’s up and running by launch. That doesn’t make the wait any easier though.

I think this E3 is going to be something fighting game fans and Tekken-heads had better keep an eye on. More on this as we get it.


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