Soulcalibur IV is HOT…

Even though we’re all busy and happy with MGS4 right now (you SHOULD be!), I’m already looking forward to about a month from now, when the next big title I’m waiting for arrives. I’m talking about Soulcalibur IV, of course, the hot sequel to Namco-Bandai’s second-biggest fighting game. Hot in the sense that, OH, the game is rated TEEN with ‘partial nudity’ and ‘sexual themes’ (not the usual ‘suggestive themes’ in past games). Obviously this has something to do with the game’s female cast having pretty skimpy outfits along with the game’s new mechanic for making the said outfits even skimpier via armor/clothing breaks. I can’t wait to see all the content this sword-slasher has to offer. Play-Asia has the Asian version out a bit earlier than the US and Japan on July 24… hopefully they’re right on the dot. I want this game already. It’s certainly looking hot. More on this as it happens.


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