Well, my second day of Metal Gear Solid 4 was suitably… well… SOLID. The Second and Third Acts were suitably dramatic and informative. At the very least, quite a lot of things have been revealed or made clear to me about the over-arching plot of MGS, and they’ve actually made me go WHOA. As before, I’m still A-Ga-Ga over the awesomeness of this game’s presentation. I can see what some reviews have been saying about how the narrative is a bit bloated or un-edited, not as tight as it could be. Well, I don’t mind in the least. It’s actually cool to see the characters act the way they do, although I did cringe at a line or two. It’s still a great story in any case, and I’m still hooked, fifteen hours in. Things are pretty dark now though, and several characters seem to have bitten the dust. The end game’s nearing, but I can’t wait to play through again with all my earned gear. Later then!


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