Getting into MGS4 (Mild Spoilers)

Well, after a brief playtime last night and this morning… actually no- finishing the First Act of Metal Gear Solid 4 (the Middle East chapter, Liquid Sun) took me about five hours. But then, I actually took my time, helping out militia and looking around for stuff to pick up and sell to ol’ Drebin. For the most part, there were few surprises in Act One- pretty much the whole thing has been shown in part, piece by piece, in all the myriad trailers shown in the entirety of the game’s development to release. From the much-seen Opening Battle with the Militia and Gekko to the meeting with Rat Patrol O1 (and Akiba’s undignified intro), to the first battle with the FROGs and Snake’s first meeting with Liquid Ocelot, it’s all stuff that’s familiar to anyone who has been keeping tabs on the game. There are a few little touches, like during the Beauty and The Beast Corps cinematic, you actually have to press L1 to see Screaming Mantis floating up on the rooftops. Flashbacks are handled excellently, I think, appearing as brief flashes of imagery from the previous games. It’s sweet and to the point, which is actually more than you can say for the game’s long cinematics.

Not that I mind the cutscenes, at all. They’re quite entertaining, albeit I have to say I spaced out a bit when Meryl was explaining stuff about SOP and the new world order.

Anyway, so far. The game- pretty awesome. It WILL take time for me to master the controls- still getting used to fighting and shooting; sometimes I still get messed up or disoriented, but I’m getting better. So far, love the Drebin System, love collecting weapons and points, love the shooting and the controls (far better indeed than previous MGS’s). Love the story so far.

From here on in though, it’s pretty much all unexplored territory. On to the Second Act!


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