Snake on a Plane

Update: It’s IN the country!!! I wonder how many other Pinoy gamers ordered their Asian copy of MGS4 from Play-Asia? It’s definitely the fastest way to get your game, even if you have to pay a bit for FedEx, UPS or other door-to-door carrier. No waiting, no pain! I fully expect to have my copy arrive just as I’m heading off for work, which will be pretty excruciating. Oh well.

As of this writing, my order for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots for PS3 has SHIPPED! If all goes well, my copy should be arriving at my door tomorrow, before noon at the earliest. Since it kinda left a bit late today, there is a chance it may be a bit delayed and arrive on Friday. In any case, it looks like my weekend’s booked. Heh. Man, this is what a gamer lives for. I haven’t felt like this for a game in a long time. Expect a bit of a soliloquy from me soon.


One Response to “Snake on a Plane”

  1. controlling chaos Says:

    I got my Two 80 GB PS3 MGS4 bundles.

    One for me and one for Sale!

    If anyone missed the release, I’ll let one go for $850.00

    If not well then I’ll return one in a few months.

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