Streetfighter IV Needs Women!

More babes!

One of the biggest gripes I have with the upcoming sequel to Streetfighter is, to put it bluntly, there aren’t enough babes. As the 1UP Show/Gamevideos crew would say it, SFIV is a ‘sausage fest’. I agree in the fullest. It’s not just a sausage fest, but the amount of naked man-flesh on display is disturbing. It gets you wondering what turns on some of these Capcom Devs, Yoshinori Ono included.

Aaaanyway… I don’t care if they throw in speedo-clad bosses to suit themselves, but at least we need hot girls as well in the lineup. I want to take this opportunity to thank 1UP for pointing this out to Ono in a recently-posted video interview. WHERE ARE THE GIRLS? Crimson Viper is sassy, but really, not sexy enough for me. Chun Li? She’s great, but she’s just one girl, and is more icon than hottie. We need more femme fatales.

Well, according to Ono, we’ll all just have to ‘wait and see in the home versions’.

What does this mean? Well, it means we babe-lovers can pass on the arcade version since the lineup seems pretty much set. The announced home versions of SFIV, for the PS3, Xbox360 and PC, will have new additions exclusive to the consoles, and hopefully there will be a several, and at least two or three or more will be females. Sakura and Ibuki have already been mentioned, and I hope that’s a lock. Cammy is also a no-brainer choice. Aside from these three, it’s fair game… I wouldn’t mind seeing a totally new female fighter, just let her be a great design.

The home versions of Streetfighter IV are set for release later in 2008. We’ll keep on this as it happens.


4 Responses to “Streetfighter IV Needs Women!”

  1. From the looks of the SFIV Mobile site, there are a couple of new ladies in the line-up. They don’t seem to have been officially introduced yet, but you can apparently buy their portrait likenesses as avatars (or something similar) on the mobile site. The screenshot can be seen at – the pics are very small, but the pics are clear enough to make out gender (i think!).

  2. I’m curious, Marco – you describe Crimson Viper as being ‘sassy’. Is that your personal opinion, or has there some sort of character description been put on the internet?

  3. Nah, ‘sassy’ was just from me… there’s really not much info about Viper aside from that she’s some kind of agent with various gadgets.

  4. The stuff on the SFIV Mobile Site, specifically those new ‘characters’ have been already said to be just placeholder images.

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