MGS4 Copies Leaking Out

Despite the game’s official, worldwide release still seven days away, there are now already those dubiously lucky few who already have the game! These lucky bastards are popping up in various game forums, showing off their newly-acquired Metal Gear Solid 4 discs by posting pics of the disc, packaging, manual and even doling out a mild spoiler or two, or bits of gameplay. Of course, the milling masses are eating it all up like calamity victims around emergency supplies. The games are apparently Australian release copies, and were acquired through eBay. Just how this happened is left up to your own interpretations.

Well, whatever. I just hope my own, English-language Asian copy isn’t delayed by any degree, and arrives on the dot so I can have a nice, long weekend of sneaking, shooting, secret-revealing and sniffling (’cause it’s gonna be sad, right?). My tip, people? Steer clear of forums and beware of spoilers!


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