Streetfighter IV Home Version Update

According to Kotaku, Yoshinoro Ono, Streetfighter IV‘s producer over at Capcom, told them stuff about the upcoming home versions of SFIV. Though preliminary artwork of Fei Long and Dan Hibiki appeared in a magazine and were said to be confirmed for the home versions, this was denied by Ono. Apparently, the SFIV team is still not decided on just who to add to the console versions- character designer Daigo Ikeno is still apparently ‘working on many designs’.

Some more cool tidbits about the home versions- Bonus Stages (wrecking the car, battling barrels) may be returning, and the characters will also be getting fully-animated ending cinemas (a first for the series!), which would be awesome. A glimpse of these anime cutscenes, featuring Ryu, Gouki and Gouken, was shown at Captivate ’08, but this cinematic apparently won’t make it into the final game and instead be just for promotional purposes. The cinematics will flesh out the SFIV story, including just how M. Bison has apparently returned from the dead after Streetfighter II.

Well, hopefully actual confirmations of which new faces will be appearing on the PS3, Xbox360 and PC versions of Streetfighter IV as well as more info will be soon in coming- I reiterate my votes- SAKURA and IBUKI. And MAKOTO if you can spare another space, damn it. Give me this and your game is SOLD, Mr. Ono. More on this as we get it.


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