Streetfighter IV Website Live

In case you didn’t already know, Streetfighter IV is headed for consoles- namely the PS3 and Xbox360, and, oddly enough, the PC. Aside from the already-revealed cast for the arcade version, the home games will be upping the ante with some exclusive characters. Supposedly the new fighters are Fei Long and Dan, which for me isn’t really any extra incentive to get the game- PLEASE let the rumors of Sakura and Ibuki being added as well be TRUE…

To be honest, this game really isn’t calling out to me yet. I require BABES in my game, and this latest itineration of the World Warrior saga is DRY in hotness. You’ve got more grotesque versions of the guys, a VF5-knockoff luchadore, a fattie, a generic thug, a half-naked freak, one supposed Angelina Jolie-lookalike in a butch suit, and a thunder-thighed Chun Li (who really isn’t bad in any case as some people make her out to be, though her hands in some artwork are freakin’ ugly)… and that’s IT. So far, no other hotties- if anything, there’s far more man-flesh on offer than girls, which makes me wonder if the Capcom team has their target audience right in mind. If all that’s waiting for me in the home versions are a whole lot of ugly beefcake, a Bruce Lee Wannabee and a Joke Character, then consider me out of this SF loop. Hopefully we’ll see cooler and hotter faces announced soon.

Anyway, for now, if you’re really hankering for SFIV loving, check out the game’s recently launched website.


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