MGS4 Anticipation… Rising…

MAN! Metal Gear Solid 4 is only eleven days away! Less than two weeks! But still, it may as well be an eternity as the wait is getting all the more excruciating, and the threat of spoilers, leaked vids and other undesirable yet inexorably need-to-watch materials trickle online. Already, a new cutscene featuring Vamp and Laughing Octopus has been shown on Bravo TV in the UK (check it out on Youtube), and the sountrack is also most probably already spreading to every MGS fan with a DSL connection and a knowledge of P2P. On the nice side, the soundtrack is awesome- I love the Gekko and BB Corps music… so sinister and creepy respectively- and it’s great to listen to while surfing or blogging.

I just can’t freakin’ wait for this game. The thought of in-game movies of up to 90 minutes doesn’t bother me in the least… I just want to see everything, do everything that you can do in this opus.

Just 11 more days. Damn it. 11 more days.


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