Two More Returning Characters in MGS4

Mei Ling and Rose return!

A couple more Metal Gear alumni return to the party in MGS4, as revealed by Famitsu Magazine. The two are Mei Ling (here spelled Mai Ling) and Rose. Mei was the inventor of Snake’s Codec way back in the original Metal Gear Solid, and was primarily in charge of saving the game and providing some much-needed wisdom to Snake in the form of Chinese proverbs. Meanwhile, Rose was Raiden’s (Jack) girlfriend in MGS2, and was infamous for making references to her favorite movies in the middle of a terrorist situation.

Well, the two seem to have changed a bit- Mei for instance seems to have gone up in rank, apparently commanding her own ship (?), and it seems we’ll be seeing her in person instead of just on the Codec screen. Meanwhile, Rose will apparently return to serve as Snake’s advisor on dealing with stress… I wonder, will this have anything to do with movies again..? Anyway, I wonder how she is taking the fact that her lover Jack is now a cyborg ninja..?

We’ll just have to see how this all turns out in a couple of weeks…


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