Soulcalibur IV’s Armor Breaks in Action

Off with her clothes!

The latest trailer to Soulcalibur IV in the Ubiday event shows off the game’s cool graphics, a new character (male, though he might just be an incarnation of Siegfried) and lots of action, including a look at how you can smash your opponent’s armor in the course of the game. This has already been shown in an IGN video with Vader striking off Hilde’s breastplate (relax boys, she’s wearing a surcoat underneath) with a strong thrust of his sabre.

The new trailer, as seen in the screens, shows a variety of characters getting their threads sundered and shredded, and it seems that the ladies will particularly look vulnerable once their clothes are compromised- although it’s obvious there really won’t be any real nudity, it’s a cool touch and does add to the enjoyment of the gameplay. Right? Heheh.

You can check out the latest SCIV trailer here.


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