Streetfighter IV’s Boss Revealed!

Seth Revealed!
Who’s the Boss?

Even though M. Bison’s back, apparently he’s not the Big Fish anymore. That post apparently belongs to THIS guy. His name is Seth, and he’s the CEO of Shadowloo’s Weapons Division, known as S.I.N.. Apparently, his body has been modified with various upgrades and other cutting-edge lethality. Just what he’s after (probably yet again, the world’s finest warriors to use as his new experiments/disciples/slaves/followers) is yet to be revealed.

He sorta reminds me of Gill or Urien… must be the, ah, minimal attire. It’s not really a unique design… World Heroes had Neo Geegus, who looks exactly like Seth. Man, I’d be a lot more inclined to him if he was a she… anyway, we’ll see how this turns out as the game inches forward to a possible release later this year.


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