Streetfighter IV Home Versions Confirmed

It’s final… but really, no surprise. Streetfighter IV’s coming home, later in 2008. As mentioned before, the PS3, Xbox360 and Windows-based PCs will be getting the 3-D graphics/2-D gameplay sequel. Honestly though, of all the upcoming fighters, SFIV is the least on my list. Just having what amounts to enhanced SFII gameplay and some crappy new characters doesn’t impress me too much (Rufus and El Fuerte? Abel? PAH) compared to Soulcalibur IV, Tekken 6 or VF5R. But supposedly the home versions will have new stuff, like extra characters being demanded by the home audience (Sakura? Ibuki? Cammy?) and the requisite home modes. In any case, it’s SF, so I’ll be on the lookout for it. Now, back to my SCIV pining…


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