Musing about MGS4: The Players (Mild Spoilers Ahead)

Metal Gear Solid 4 is less than three weeks away, but it might as well be an eternity from this second. While we’re waiting, it’s probably a good idea to busy yourself with other stuff- perhaps revisiting the earlier chapters of the lives of Snake in MGS, MGS2 and MGS3, or even the Portable Ops titles. But in the moments we’re away from consoles or just taking a wee break, we may often get to thinking about the upcoming game and the many facets and secrets it has to offer.

Solid Snake. The Man Himself. Snake is dying, that’s made pretty clear from the get-go. But he’s got a li’l bit more kick in him yet, and if he’s going down, he’s going down swinging. From all that Hideo Kojima has said and from what we’ve gathered from the game sites that have actually played the game, this is indeed the last outing for ol’ Solid Snake. Is it going to be an in-game death? A glorious death scene saving the world? Or will it be a quiet passing in the arms of a friend or a lover? Or will it be something totally unexpected? At the very least, I hope that it won’t be a cop-out like Halo 3’s resolution… this will be The End. We’ll be sad, most probably, but it’ll be something to remember.

Meryl and Rat Patrol. Miss Silverburgh seems to have come a long way from the babe with ‘the really good butt’ from MGS. She’s plainly gotten some battles behind her, and her team has serious skills. So far, we know they stand by Snake in the Middle East mission… how far will they go with Snake? Will they stand by him to the bitter end? Will Meryl be there to stand by her old flame when he takes the big plunge? I certainly hope Meryl doesn’t take another tour of duty as a hostage. And what about Johnny Sasaki? He’s a Genome Soldier survivor and a ‘ten year vet’, but he’s clearly not packing the nano-machine heat the other Rats have… is he really there just for some poop jokes and comic relief? Or is there more to the man beneath the balaclava and shades?

Otacon. He’s gonna be behind Snake all the way. As in, miles away in a secret headquarters and safe but still there for his friend. He still has issues with Vamp– will he have a hand with finally dispatching the immortal once and for all?

Raiden. What happened to ol’ girly man after MGS2? That get-up he has clearly isn’t just a suit of body armor like Olga’s in MGS2- he’s clearly something more than human… question is, did he do it willingly or not? And WHY? What would Rose think of a toaster for a boyfriend? Despite getting shish-kabobed in the cinematic fight with Vamp, I’m pretty sure Raiden isn’t biting the bullet… but he’ll probably get sidelined for a while. This IS Solid Snake’s game after all. Hopefully there will be a way to play as the deadly new ninja in MGS4.

Speaking of Olga… her little girl, Sunny Gurlukovich, figures a lot in MGS4. The tyke was apparently rescued from the clutches of The Patriots sometime between MGS2 and MGS4, and she’s now living in Snake’s airborne in-between-missions headquarters with Otacon. She’s obviously not normal, and I’m not talking about the creepy Silent Hill look about her. She’s apparently a genius, supposedly helping Otacon develop some of the equipment and gear that puts wind beneath Snake’s wings. She’s also figuring a lot in the between-mission segments, either as a dancing mascot on the pause screen when you play music on your in-game iPod, or showing a weird prelude to the events ahead via how she cooks some eggs (WHAT THE-). But is that all? Sunny probably has a larger role in the game and story, and may have some secrets in her talented genes.

Naomi Hunter. The hot doc has been a bit of a wild card before, and while she’s often regretful of the harm she’s done Snake, she always seems to have a secret or another agenda lurking behind those limpid eyes. Can she be trusted? Or is she some sort of double agent?

Liquid Ocelot. Is the renegade quadruple agent and gunfighter really gone and Liquid Snake totally in control? What is his real plan? Will this be the final showdown between him and his brother? Or will the seemingly unkillable baddie move on to continue menacing the world in the next, inevitable sequel?

Drebin. He’s a wild card and apparently neutral, but he’s clearly integral to succeeding in the game. Aside from being Snake’s source of arms, he’s a fund for information about stuff on the PMCs and SOP, and apparently The Beauty and The Beast Unit of bosses Snake will be taking on throughout the game. What is his link to the scary babes? Is he responsible in some way for turning them into what they are now? Or is his association with them more personal..?

And WHAT THE HECK is up with that coke-guzzling monkey..?

Metal Gear Solid 4 hits the PS3 worldwide on June 12. Man, the days can’t pass by fast enough.


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