New Soulcalibur IV Babes Screenshots, Art

Gamersyde just posted a bunch of screenshots and artworks of the three latest babes to be added to the Soulcalibur IV roster. They include the plainly-inhuman-and-polearm-wielding Ashlotte, the twin-katana-swinging Shura and the newly-returned Setsuka! The screens are hi-res, so we can stare at all the exposed skin and skimpy outfits all the better. Setsuka seems to be embracing her foreign background more this time around, what with leaving her hair blonde (her natural color, FYI), though she’s still using the same fighting style with the disguised sword/parasol. Her costume leaves little to the imagination… which I LIKE.

Shura looks plainly sinister and dark, which is also pretty intriguing. I wanna see her style in action, and she’s sure to be one of my faves. Ashlotte’s unusual design begs the question ‘what is she?’.

Notable in the screenshots are the improved faces of the characters and the detail in the models. SCIV is really looking totally scrumptious, and I can’t wait. Good thing Metal Gear Solid 4 will help to make the wait for this latest fighter a little bit more bearable. July is so far away…


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