MGS4 has Mammoth Cutscenes, Install

According to Computer and Videogames magazine, the upcoming stealth-action opus from Konami and Hideo Kojima has cinematics that approach the length of actual feature-length movies. And note the plural- there are more than one of these mammoth in-game vids. In fact, according to the mag, MGS4 is the gaming equivalent of the entire Godfather Trilogy in length. WHOA.

So if you thought the cutscenes in games like the previous MGS’s or Xenosaga were long… you ain’t seen nothing yet. Our recommendation? Stock up on supplies… you won’t be leaving your room anytime soon.

The good news is, you can pause or skip these cinematics if you want, but come on- it’s only proper to see them at least once, full-on. Otherwise… why are you even playing? The story and cinematic nature of MGS is at least half the enjoyment. I’m pretty sure though that this is gonna be a bone of contention among reviewers and gaming sites.

Another thing that came up is that MGS4 comes with a (presumably) mandatory 4.6 GB installation. This is surely required to run the aforementioned cutscenes and seamless transitions into gameplay, so I guess this early, we gotta make room on our PS3 HDs. For me, this is a bit of a problem- my 20GB model is already down to just 4GB or so of free space. Since I don’t have any intention of throwing away Tekken Dark Resurrection, I guess I gotta upgrade my HD somehow (instead of actually buying a whole new PS3).

Hmm. Things to do and prepare for, I guess. That’s fine… this game is worth all that effort.


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