More Itagaki BS, DOA Franchise Dead?

Here’s an interview with the infamous, ever-outspoken but inexplicably obnoxious and arrogant Tomonobu Itagaki of Tecmo. The shades-wearing, bad-skinned, leather-jacketed game designer and frustrated rockstar talks about his upcoming Ninja Gaiden, some PS3 bashing and how he basically accomplished all he could do in the fighting game genre with DOA4, and in the adventure genre with Ninja Gaiden II. What a genius this man is! Well, I’ve always been a DOA fan as far as fighting games and fan service goes, but really- DOA has been far, far outdistanced by the biggies at Sega and Namco. DOA4 has nothing on Tekken 6, VF5 or perhaps even the upcoming SCIV, even in the one place where it could have been exceptional- sexy fan service. In any case, for me, DOA topped with DOA Ultimate, so good riddance. I’d say that if Tecmo needed bucks though, they’ll either force Itagaki to resurrect the DOA/DOAX franchise or give it to another producer who hopefully has a bit less modesty.

Anyway, I’m looking forward a bit to Ninja Gaiden II, so what the heck. Bye, DOA and Ninja Gaiden? Well, we’ll see.


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