Yet ANOTHER New Soulcalibur IV Babe!

Introducing… Ashlote!

It seems that Soulcalibur IV is really going for the fan service medal here, people… here’s yet another babe joining the roster. Created by manga-ka Oh! Great (Air Gear, Tenjo Tenge), Ashlote seems to be a maid or Goth Loli character who may or may not be human, but some sort of doll or construct. Is she good or evil? She’s certainly interesting, and makes me wonder what else is in store as SCIV creeps along to its July release. Oh! Great’s offbeat design sense was last seen in a Namco game in Tekken 5, where he gave us Asuka Kazama’s gaudy Yakuza diceroller outfit. Looks like he hasn’t lost his weird touch.

By the by on other character news for SCIV, Setsuka has more or less been confirmed, given that a space for her has been alloted in the official Soulcalibur IV websites, so parasol-assassin fans need not fear their muse has been left out. Cool stuff! More on SCIV as we get it.


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