UPDATE: Metal Gear Solid 4 is set for its worldwide release on June 12. The game’s done, done, DONE! Expect ad campaigns and trailers for this movie-like title as the release date approaches.

Kotaku is currently posting about the currently-ongoing Metal Gear Solid 4 Press Conference, where Hideo Kojima will announce the game’s completion. The lucky bastards that are gaming press are there, right now, in a posh Japanese movie theater, watching Kojima play his now-finished uber-game on a 40 foot screen. MAN. What a JOB! So far, there’s word of the reporter seeing The Mother of All Cutscenes and various phoney TV ads with an MGS theme. Also, a kick-ass gunfight occurring and still having credits running through. Well, they did say the MGS4 opening would be special.

Anyway, this is awesome. The game is done. Ready for pressing and sending out. Darn it, why isn’t it being released THIS month? There’s still about 29 days to the game’s official, worldwide launch on June 12 (1 day before my birthday… hehe), and surely, a copy won’t reach me exactly then. But wow… it’s almost a guaranteed deal this game is going to be one of the most incredible gaming experiences ever. I am salivating in anticipation.

So near yet so far. Just a little bit more, folks. From now on though, beware of spoilers and stuff that will surely leak out as the game creeps to the release. I’ll be on this like Snake on Meryl’s cute little arse, you can buy that for a dollar.


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