First Dragonball US Live-action Movie Image!

Justin Chatwin as Goku
From irritating teen to irritating teen who can do a kamehameha…

Kotaku just posted the first image of Justin Chatwin as Goku, which was published in the latest issue of Shonen Jump (the comic where the manga was first published). Well… what can I say..? Maybe some of you out there look and see a super-powered Saiyan brought to life. Me? The image kinda reminds me of… Frodo and the Ring of Doom. Oh well. Who knows… maybe this movie will not suck. Maybe it will. Anyway, I was really, really irritated by Justin Chatwin as Tom Cruise’s insufferable son in War of the Worlds, which means he’s a pretty good actor, so we’ll see what he does in a movie where he screams Kamehameha all the time…


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