VF5 Sighting in Manila

Okay, not a biggie, but I spotted Virtua Fighter 5 in a local arcade here in Metro Manila. There was just one (split between two monitors), and sadly it wasn’t with hi-def monitors like with Tekken 6 or in Japanese arcades. The game was running on a regular old arcade unit, with one screen quite blurry and washed-out. Clearly, it’s not linked up to VF.TV or anything so there’s no feature for making custom characters or getting items. In fact, I’m not sure if it’s an actual arcade unit- the loading screens were green, leading me to believe the game is just the Xbox360 version fitted into an arcade box. Well, at least anyone who wants to play VF5 but can’t afford a PS3 or Xbox360 can just go and blow a few bucks in the arcade for some pointless play.

Feh. Good for a distraction before I go back to the Tekken 6 machine. Heh.


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