Tekken It Easy

Yeah, it’s a bummer that Namco-Bandai still hasn’t said any word on the home version of Tekken 6. I just can’t freakin’ wait for it- the CG cinemas and endings, getting to customize characters and to just soak in all the beauty of this game. I get giddy everytime I think about how awesome the inevitable conversion will be. In the meantime though, it’s cool that there are arcades locally that have the game (which is a lot better than in the US), so I can just pop in after work to enjoy a match or two. Or three or four. Heh. Great thing that now apparently they fixed the problem where the IC Card System goes offline about a half hour or so before closing time, so now us hardcore cardholders can play with our customized fighters till they have to pry us from the seats. I just wish Namco would hurry. I guess we can’t expect any Tekken 6 news until Soulcalibur IV gets over and done with in July or so. Speaking of SCIV, July 29 is the US release date… when’s the time for Japan? In any case I just want my Tekken 6 in my house, on my TV NOWNOWNOW. Rest assured, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any little snippet, so just stay tuned.


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