This really isn’t about gaming per se, but DAMN, this is my webspace and I’m using it.

IRON MAN the movie is awesome. Watch it. Best Superhero Movie out there.

It’s fun, funny, sexy, well-scripted, solidly-paced, excellently-acted (Downey freaking NAILS Tony Stark), stylish, glossy and slick with great action, this is all you can ask for in a superhero flick. Gwyneth Paltrow is beautiful. That other actress who played the reporter is DAMN hot. Jeff Bridges as Obadiah Stane (gotta LOVE that name) is great as the main heavy. The action is satisfying, hard-hitting and the movie is loaded with awesome special effects. Lots of great funny moments and heart as well, with the cast and characters likeable and endearing from the get-go.

Forget Spiderman. Forget freakin’ X-men. Forget the Fantastic Four (even though I really liked Rise of the Silver Surfer). This is setting the bar high for Dark Knight and Incredible Hulk.

Watch it, people! Watch it! And don’t leave before the credits end. I did, so now I have to watch the movie again. Oh well, not a problem. WATCH!


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