New MGS4 Gameplay Footage on X-Play

G4’s X-Play just showed a feature on Metal Gear Solid 4. The short clip was all gameplay… no cinematics or trailers, or cutscenes. The first part of the vid showed off Snake’s little buddy, the Metal Gear Mark IV in action, but the meatier part of the exclusive has Snake and Meryl’s Rat Patrol in fierce combat with a whole bunch of Frogs AKA Haven Troopers. To keep everyone updated, the HT’s are Liquid Ocelot’s private army of female super-soldiers. They can stick to walls and have amazing acrobatic ability, but are still basically human so they can be dispatched with the usual methods of gunfire. Apparently they’re pretty dangerous in close since they know CQC techniques too (based on some screenshots on IGN showing Snake getting thrown by one Frog). According to the clip, Snake gets quite a bit of assist from the NPCs on his side- Meryl and her boys are smarter than the average militia man Snake can get to ally with him, and they won’t die (at least, permanently) since they’re plot characters.

The clip was a bit too low-res for me, and it didn’t show a lot, but it certainly whetted my appetite for this game even more. I wonder if these girl-warriors are like the Beauty and the Beast bosses- what lies under the armor? Well, we have one month and a bit to wait still. June 12, people. Wait for it! Anyway, here’s the X-Play clip on Youtube for those who didn’t catch it.


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