Just for Show

VF5 Item Intros
Armed but not at all dangerous.

The above pic shows off the new Item and Weapon-based Intros for Virtua Fighter 5, newly added to Version D. Unlike in Tekken 6 though, the items won’t be usable in the actual game but just for adding flash to the characters’ entrances and win poses. At least, this is what we assume since we haven’t seen yet any such entrance or win pose with them. The items look cool, and range from stuff that suit the characters well like Aoi’s naginata, or are totally off the wall like Wolf’s Jay Leno look. In any case, it seems that the Sega devs are really having fun with their fighter, and you have to wonder when, if ever, a console will be lucky enough to get a VF5 Complete Edition with all these cool little doo-dads and trinkets. Probably never, given Sega’s track record, but one can always hope. In any case, this is all just Japan-only so all we can do is glower and wait for the better-than-arcade-perfect Tekken 6 for the PS3 someday…


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