Pretty Soldier Girls

Ready to fight, sir!
Alicia Melchiott, reporting for duty!

Valkyrie of the Battlefield AKA Gallian Chronicles is coming for the PS3, and this Strategy RPG with strong anime stylings has me intrigued. Primarily though, it’s the art and potential story that has me looking at it with interest. The look of the game has this watercolour-style palette, beautiful Studio Ghibli-esque characters and designs, and a pretty, ornate design to everything that makes war lovely to look at as only anime can do. I mean, you have menacing battle armor, cute but deadly-looking tanks and fetching sniper girls… what more can you ask for? Also, the story- which involves a squadron of Gallian nationals fighting to take back their land from a much larger, stronger enemy- has elements of romance and intrigue that any otaku should get into fairly easily. I have to say though that it is kinda weird to see the opening intro- various scenes of war machines and battle interspersed with boy-meets-girl moments and various cool-looking characters.

Unfortunately, the turn-based gameplay seems kinda iffy. It’s like Final Fantasy Tactics, albeit with guns, which is kinda weird. It’s really odd to see your character standing with his head out in the open, stupidly not minding as an enemy soldier is pouring hot lead into his temples.

I’ll hold off judgement though, and await this title with continued vigilance. Gallian Chronicles is set for an english version release later this year.


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