Forbidden: Siren gets Creepy Remake on PS3

A new Siren game, for the PS3, was announced recently, preceded by a disturbing teaser online. The game is Siren: New Translation, and it is apparently a remake of the original game. For the uninitiated, Siren is a frighteningly eerie Survival Horror game in the vein of the creepiest Japanese horror films of recent years- think Ringu. The shtick in Siren was that you switched between various characters trapped in the dead town of Hanuda, often engaging in Sight-Jacking, which gave you temporary ability to look through the blood-gushing eyes of your undead pursuers.

Well, I was able to watch the demo video posted at Gamersyde, and certainly the game looks pretty awesome- the graphics are slick and use light and dark pretty well, with lifelike character models (well, the ones who are alive, anyway) and some creep-out moments. Much of the gameplay seems to involve sneaking around, with you having to shut off your flashlight when the undead shibito are about. Sight-jacking is back, as well as apparently easier combat judging from how the player characters were able to batter down attacking shibito with axe or bullet. Perhaps too well though- maybe it took away a bit from the scare factor when you could plow through ten or so zombies with little difficulty. But then, perhaps this was just for the demo and will change in the final game.

Good thing, like Biohazard, the game seems to be in english at least partially, with the American characters speaking english (an apparent improvement over the somewhat perplexing British accented-dub used in the original translation), though some characters speak in Japanese and the text is in kanji. Not the easiest to import. But with games not that plentiful on the PS3, this should be a good title to see translated over for us english speakers.

No word yet though if and when Siren comes to US PS3’s, but once we hear the eerie news, we’ll post it here asap.


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