Virtua Fighter 5R Report from Japan!

Makatiel, a poster on the VFDC forums just reported stuff about Virtua Fighter 5R (which is currently being location-tested in Japan), and mentioned quite a lot of interesting stuff. For starters, the new karateka is, without a doubt, a guy. His name is Jean Kujo, and he apparently has a lot of charge or chargeable moves. His attacks are supposedly very interesting, and include throws that includes lots of strikes, and a slow but powerful pounce move. As for Taka-arashi the sumo, his mass is now put into play- other characters now struggle when trying to throw him, and juggles don’t work as well on him due to his weight. Awesome! Finally a big, fat guy who actually feels big and fat… instead of defying physics and reality like some silly, generically-named fighter in a certain awesome arcade fighter…

Anyways, a lot of the reported details are gameplay-related, and the game seems very much different from the previous revisions of VF5. You can check out the thread posted by Makatiel here.

Also, Wannafightus on Youtube has posted a bunch of VF5R vids. Check ’em out!


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