New Mortal Kombat Shocker

Okay, if you thought Jedi guest-starring in Soulcalibur IV was wild, then THIS new development should blow your mind. The upcoming, next-gen MK will be- get this- Mortal Kombat VS The DC Universe. Yep, the DCU, as in Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and so on. WHAT. THE. HECK???

Okay, maybe this is something straight out of the Phantom Zone, but bear with it. Apparently some weird magical event has caused the MK and DC universes to merge, bringing the heroes of both realities together for some superhero-level brawling. The game will apparently NOT be rated M, and will include new combat systems with the esoteric names of Freefall Kombat, Klose Kombat and Stage Interaction.

What do I think? Sounds like more Boon Hokey to me. Mortal Kombat has NEVER played great, and in my opinion, never will. The pedigree of this series is as plain as day. Even MK Armageddon, which I had some hope in, eventually turned out to be crap. And no, there has never been any good superhero-based fighter not made by Capcom. This, I think, won’t be any different, no matter what weird tie-up or fancy-sounding mechanics they try to throw in.

Bah. Give me Soulcalibur IV and Tekken 6. Or KOF XII. Or Blazblue or Samurai Spirits Edge of Destiny. Anything but this tripe. Moving on.


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