Soulcalibur IV set for July Release

Namco Bandai has set a July 29 US release date for their blade-swinging fighter, in both regular and limited editions. What do you get for the extra bucks you shell out for the premium limited edition game? Well, aside from a cool metal case, a comic/art book that will serve as the prequel for the events in the game (and perhaps shed light on WHY the heck manga characters and Jedi are running around in the Caliburverse), a Tournament Kit and exclusive access to ‘extra customization options’.

This kinda sucks- I’m fine with adding extras like the comic and spiffy packaging, but customizations and options in the actual game shouldn’t be given such a monetary value… this may serve as a precursor for game companies to sell little dole outs for games in the future. But hey, if it means I can get Hilde in a bikini for an extra ten bucks- why not? Heheh.

Anyways, mark your calendars, folks. We’ll be playing Metal Gear Solid 4 before then, but the first big fighting game of the year is on the way.

Soulcalibur IV not only adds unusual guest characters to the mix, but puts in ‘finishing moves’ that can end the round immediately after several conditions have been met, destructible armor/equipment and interactive environments/stages. Interesting stuff! I expect more gameplay stuff and tidbits to be forthcoming this month, so stay tuned. I’ll be on this like white on rice.


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