Finish the Fight (in Soulcalibur IV)

In the recent updates and previews of Soulcalibur IV, particularly from Gamespot, the ‘new gameplay mechanic’ has finally been revealed as the new Critical Finishers. Finishing Moves? In a Soulcalibur game? Don’t scoff- we’ve already been told before that there will be a way of finishing a round without depleting your opponent’s life bar or doing a Ring Out… this is it.

Actually, I’m not surprised- this is exactly how I envisioned it. The game will have a system of destructible armor for the characters, in different parts of the body. Hits to the opponent will cause the armor to degrade and eventually fall off, and hitting it or knocking down the enemy will lay them open for a devastating finisher (apparently triggered by hitting all four buttons) that will instantly end the battle as the winning fighter does a kick-ass cutscene of him/her executing the critical finisher kill. This is obviously what that whole thing with Siegfried doing a fatal-looking overhead slash on a dizzy Tira in the early SCIV trailers.

What do I think about it? It’s interesting. Not exactly totally new- weak points have been in fighting games before, notably in Fighter’s History from Data East years ago, and breakable armor has been seen in Fighting Vipers from Sega. Hopefully this won’t lead to exploits, though of course it will keep players on their toes (kinda like how the Rage System boggled players’ sensibilities in Tekken 6). I can’t wait to see it in action and see all these Critical Finishers for all the characters.

It’s Namco-Bandai Gamer’s Day, and hopefully more on Soulcalibur IV and, wish-wish, Tekken 6 PS3 will be revealed very soon. More on this as we get it.


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