Jedi in Soulcalibur IV Action…

Gametrailers just posted a short but sweet clip of the two Jedi guest stars in Soulcalibur IV kicking some midieval butt. The clip includes Vader laying the Smacketh Down on newcomer Hilde, while Yoda teaches Raphael some lessons in butt-kickery. One of the things that I noticed was the part with Yoda was set in a stage that looked like the Death Star’s hangar, complete with TIE fighters zooming in the background- so now we have the Calibur cast in a galaxy far, far away as well? Weird stuff… but cool. Weirdness aside though, I have to say the game, particularly the PS3 game (with Vader) looks AMAZING, with Hilde’s armor showing gobs of lovely detail and metallic sheen. WHOA. Lovely. My anticipation for this summer game just shot up a great measure. Heheh.

Check out the clip for yourself here.


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