Color me doubting and unconvinced. Perhaps I may be just pissing in the wind, but… DAMN, what ARE they doing with Streetfighter IV?

The game just doesn’t feel… NEW. It feels like a retread, a requel, just like that ultimately sucky Superman Returns movie. It tacks on the gloss but just feels wrong. What’s with the odd new characters? Yeah, Crimson Viper, the Angelina Jolie-lookalike secret agent with the gizmos is kinda cool, but other than her- GENERIC, dull grappler Abel… El Blaze-clone and weirdo El Fuerte? And now, a Chinese fat guy named RUFUS? FRICKIN’ RUFUS? The only cool Rufus heads Shinra Inc. I don’t know about this guy in SFIV. ENOUGH WITH THE FATTY FIGHTERS WHO DEFY PHYSICS!!!

None of the newbies impress me. NONE of their designs even reach the coolness of ANY of the veteran characters, and I have yet to see a cool hot babe added. What the heck. Tekken 6 is my game. And Soulcalibur IV. I’ll still hold out a bit for SFIV’s home version in the hopes that Ibuki will be added, as rumored. For now though… Man. What the hell is Ono smoking…?


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