Beating the Boss

Recently I was able to finally beat that huge, monolithic bonus boss, Nancy the Robot, in Tekken 6 arcade. I did the deed with Lili, the 16 or so year old heiress with the legs that don’t quit and the kinda-sorta-ballet-meets-capoeira fighting style. The trick was to spam her new move- Up + 3+ 4- again and again, all the while sidestepping constantly to avoid any of the robot’s menacing attacks. In no time, the big war machine was a piece of junk, and I collected my rich bounty of… about 700 gold. BAH. Not even as much reward when you beat a player. FEH.

On the other hand, it was pretty fun but looking at it now, Nancy’s really more of an obstacle course as a boss than an actual opponent- kinda like Omega in DOA3 was. I fully expect the robot to be in the PS3 game though, so it’s nice to have a bit of warm up against the creep now. But Jin still kicked my Lili’s arse though. Oh well. More practice then…


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