Tekken 6 PS3 release date?

According to Fighter’s Generation, the ‘word out on the street’ on the release date for the PS3 version of Tekken 6 is September 2008. They’ve gone as far as putting the date in their Tekken 6 game information page. Now, it’s perfectly reasonable for this to be true- given how it’s about three months after the release of another Namco fighter in Soulcalibur IV… so why not? I’d love for this to be true, and hopefully it is. Anyway, the so-called Tekken 6/Soulcalibur IV Media Day posted by SD-Tekken is coming up in a few days, so hopefully this will be confirmed one way or another. More on this as it happens.


5 Responses to “Tekken 6 PS3 release date?”

  1. You think so? Well I hope it’s true! If you want to fight me in tekken DR online on PS3, here’s my psn: heartnotsubasa
    I think it will be released longer than that. Oh well, let’s just pray.

  2. I already have you bookmarked and plan on checking back weekly for your updates. Thanks

  3. can u please tell me when tekken 6 is coming out on ps3? it way past september and its no out…thanxx

  4. The good news is, the home versions are confirmed and are coming to PS3 and Xbox360. Both versions will have more content than the arcade versions.

    The bad news- the initial release announcement was for Spring 2009.

    I’m thinking though this can change, but expect it to be within that time frame of mid to late 2009.

    In any case, it’s coming, and a year of development should add tons of great stuff. So just sit tight. It’s coming, and it should be worth the wait. It MUST.

  5. it’s not even out yet && they changed tha date to fall 09

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