Metal Gear Solid 4 New Preview

Together again.

1UP has just posted a brand new preview and a bunch of screenshots from the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4. Apparently the lucky bastards got to play through the whole game in Japan already, and spend time with the game’s uber-creator Hideo Kojima at a posh Japanese hotel (MAN. What a job). It’s a nice read, but once again mostly just tantalizes and teases, about stuff like life-changing plot twists and endings, and raves about the incredible intro, the thoroughly immersive atmosphere and graphics and the new, more streamlined gameplay and control. Apparently, all the footage we’ve seen so far takes place only in the first stage, called Liquid Sun, in the middle-eastern setting. Snake spends his first romp in MGS4 dodging PMC troops in the ruined city, choosing whether to aid the beleaguered militia against the hi-tech mercenaries or letting them get exterminated.

Instead of being just a solo mission, the first chapter of MGS4 has Snake joining up with his old flame, Meryl Silverburgh, now head of her own crack squad called “The Rat Patrol”. Once again, and hopefully for longer and better this time, Snake and Meryl will be fighting alongside each other, once again meeting with female adversaries- the new, elite Haven Troopers or ‘Frogs’, Liquid Ocelot’s nanomachine-empowered female soldiers. Hopefully Meryl won’t be shot in the thighs again and sidelined for the duration of the adventure in the course of MGS4.

Also interesting is that in between chapters or missions, you’ll be able to wander around your homebase, presumably where Otacon and Sunny Gurlukovich (and perhaps eventually Naomi) will be based, albeit you’ll apparently do it through the eyes of the Metal Gear Mark II, instead of in person. Wild stuff!It really seems from the preview that everything we’ve seen so far is but the tip of a really cool, really big and really awesome iceberg that this MGS4. I have to say- I am STOKED for this game. It’s one of the titles that really just makes being a gamer these days so great. More on this as we get it.

Read through the 1UP preview yourself here.


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