Friendly Fighting

Last night, I hied off to the arcade after work to pass the time before going home. As usual, the place was packed since it was a Friday night, but thankfully the Tekken 6 machines weren’t too congested. They’re seldom without anyone playing, but since it’s been a while, you don’t see huge crowds milling about the machines anymore- usually it’s just a few players or typical hangers-on watching when someone plays. I usually just watch for a bit before actually slipping out my cards and sitting down to challenge some Brawler, Mentor or Master into combat.

I have to say, I’m not like most players. I don’t play for rank, or bragging rights. I mainly play for fun because I love the freakin’ game, and for customizations since the most satisfying for me is to see my pimped-up or dressed-down character in action. So my style is, whenever I see a player who’s got a Roulette going, I plunk down and get playing as much as I can- on occasion earning a hundred thousand in one play! My rank isn’t too good, predictably- my Asuka only just got into 1st Dan, which mystifies me since I lose so often with her. But she’s customized as I like so I don’t really care.

Presently I’m just started using Lili and seem to be off to a good start with her (after lots of play with DR on the PSP). I think I have a good chance to be pretty adequate with her- perhaps because her fighting style and moves are easier to do but more heavy on the need for timing rather than straight-up in-your-face attacks like other fighters. I say this because I usually play right up to the game’s sub-boss, Jin Kazama, when playing one-player with Lili, while I don’t fare as well with Asuka or other characters.

I also do better in 2-player play, since I think Asuka is so much more familiar to most players (and as such most know her weaknesses), while Lili is less common seen and harder to fight against. I proved this as some guy challenged me and used the Capoeira characters, and was quite good with them. But still, although I lost a couple of matches, I ended up beating him in the last several matches, thus finally gaining my first ten wins or so with Miss Rochefort.

Anyway, it was that night while playing that I got into conversation with one guy, and we talked about the game a lot as we hung back towards closing time. It was pleasant to meet a fellow player who doesn’t seem like a rank asshole like a lot of the players seem to be. There are nice guys, who are fun to play with or against, and there are some obnoxious pricks who think they’re such hot shit just because they can combo you again and again endlessly before you stand up. Like one Eddy user who plays like he’s on speed and jiggles like a frickin’ addict. Or a Bob user who just never lets up like he’s fighting for his manhood or something. Bah.

Anyway, that’s part of the reason why I really prefer consoles. Still, I do understand the thrill of playing against another human, so I’ll continue to play Tekken 6 and ply the arcade route- at least, until I get the freakin’ PS3 version. It’s just a couple of days left till April, so let’s all cross our fingers that the supposedly coming news is worth the wait.


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