Warriors of Elysia: Escape from Exile

Warriors of Elysia.
Sexy amazons fighting it out.

I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of you haven’t heard of Warriors of Elysia. The game is actually the sequel to the more-brazen and straightforwardly-titled Bikini Karate Babes, and quite a bit more developed than it’s predecessor. Whereas the original game was basically Mortal Kombat-style digitized graphics and, well, bikini-clad karate-fighting girls, WOE is supposedly a mix of both 2-D and 3-D elements, set in 3D-stages. Aside from the upgraded look, the game has also gone through a makeover in the story and seriousness department. The original game’s premise and story/narrative, if you could call it that, involved a cast of not-swimsuit model-gorgeous but still attractive ladies who were named after various Greek/Roman goddesses or tribal themes who supposedly lived on a mystical island yet were dressed in bikinis that looked straight from BestBuy. It was really tongue-in-cheek, proven by the inclusion of a prancing ponytailed blonde bimbo and attacks that include fireballs emerging from breasts and butts. Streetfighter it wasn’t.

The sequel is a notch up more serious, actually, taking the more sober elements of the previous game and jettisoning the rest. The story goes like this- in the mystical isle of Elysia, there are only amazon-like warrior-goddesses (even common villagers are bikini-wearing babes, it seems), who are apparently always at war for who’s in charge. The struggle soon ends with the loser of the high-stakes battle, Venus, being exiled by the new ruler, Aphrodite. Warriors of Elysia sees Venus returning with new skills and gobs more power, plus an army of pink-bikinied followers at her back. So now, the disparate bikini-clad warriors must unite or be crushed under the bare heels of the usurpers…

Okay, so it’s not Lord of the Rings. But what the heck- it’s got hot babes in bikinis doing martial arts! SOLD!

Unfortunately, the game isn’t out yet, and while the creators insist it’s coming out soon, they’ve been saying that for more than a year. Still, a release later this year might be the thing. This is supported by the release of Warriors of Elysia: Escape from Exile, a dvd supplement to the upcoming game that consists of the game’s full, new and so far unseen trailer, and almost 50 minutes of live-action footage of the game’s story and behind-the-scenes material. You can order the DVD (and other DVDs chronicling the whole Bikini Karate Babes saga from the game’s official site if you have eighty dollars to burn) from the game’s website, which unsurprisingly is the home to a very active fan community.

Hey, I’m a fan. I admit it. I can’t wait for this guilty-pleasure game. Not that it will take anything away from Soulcalibur IV or Tekken 6, but this is one game I want a lot too. Heh. More on this as I get it.


12 Responses to “Warriors of Elysia: Escape from Exile”

  1. OK, I will be the first to post. I can’t wait for this game to come out. What we have seen so far on the trailers is fantastic. Trailers can be seen at the site WarriorsofElysia.com . There is so much to see on the site you should stop by and check it out. Once you become a member (just a matter of giving your screen name and e-mail address and totally FREE) everyday that you log in you get a Trading Card of the Babes from the Random Card Generator. There is a forum for trading these cards with each other. There are many different forums to access, some game related and many offer topics for everyones taste. Please let me know if you have become a member from reading this post. I will give you some Trading cards to get you started. I am eager to meet new members. Weggiel

  2. Well I have the predecessor BKB and love it as a game πŸ™‚ Looking forward to the new BKB 2 coming out.

    I am a member Warroirs of Elysia web site, it has a forum page were you can make comments and post messages to other member.


  3. carpebrewem Says:

    great review. I’m more excited about the DVD now than previously.

  4. Adventurer Says:

    Good write-up! I’m also a big fan of the original BKB and can’t wait until I get the much more serious sequel in my hands. The vids and screenshots so far look amazing!

  5. Glutius Intelectuous Says:

    They sell bikinis at best buy?

  6. It’s been months since I’ve been able to visit the website.

    When I try I get a single word “here”.

    Same in IE and Firefox. I also have seen no further news of this game. For something that had already been filmed, it sure has been in development a long time.

    Did this turn to vapor?

  7. Madrak, I share your puzzlement. The producer of this game is not very good at meeting deadlines. Apparently he’s a one-man show, and when stuff happens to him- family member gets sick, etc.- everything stops. This has affected the release of their ‘Escape from Exile’ dvd, which was delayed for at least 2-3 months. But the site is still there, so I guess the guy’s just really BAD at meeting deadlines, but they’re still plugging away at getting their game out.

    To be honest though, I’m much more occupied right now waiting for Soulcalibur IV. It would be really funny though if Tekken 6 for consoles beats this WOE to release. THEN I’d know this is all vapor.

  8. I will say one thing in Travis’ defence, game development in a whole isn’t a quick affair. Hell WOE hasn’t beaten Dungeon Keeper II on the development time taken yet. Coding has to be checked, debugged and changed regularly. Routines changed, API’s tweaked.

    The game is unique, well technically BKB was unique, but was published by Travis’ own company, with Enlight, now the publisher, they want the exclusive rights to it.

    One major down point is the fact Travis’ and co are a small operation, no matter how grandeur he makes it look, and has a loyal following in his staff members, to the point that if they attack a user of the site the rest fall into place like chess pieces.

    This actually happened to me, I will point out not all the staff were on the band wagon or did not even care which is the more logical reason, when I was attacked for when my friend, who was in a bad time of life, posted a comment on his forum about me helping a girl from being attacked and got a knife in my shoulder blade for my troubles, my friend said I was in hospital while he was staying at my home and using my PC to apply for jobs etc. I was discharged a couple of days later to find out my password was changed, and later it became this whole nonsense drama of how I was my friend and making up stories. Sad but true.

    I can still check posts there, because Travis your forum system is an open book and can pull out any post I wish from your database, I cant post but I can read, I like the part in the same thread that I was an evil guy, nasty etc. I did turn that way eventually, I will admit, on the site only because I was the one being attacked and called a liar and so forth. Funny to also see old regulars I once knew take his side also, very funny Paradyn btw.

    This is the real Travis Riggs, the person who attacks others who actually helped spread the word and help in things, sad really. Just as bad as Celeste Spade who was in an unfortunate car accident, get well soon Celeste even though the way you also treated myself you dont deserve it to be honest, but I will be nice and do so.

    Oh and Travis, I have 2 years before time is up on the case I opened up over the Data Protection Act and the posts that you still have not removed. So the conundrum for me now is…

    1. Have the court case rolling, when the DPA changes soon to enforce more stringent rules on online data. Thusly rewards will be greater. Or..

    2. Take apart his game when released, I have talked to some “people” to not “touch” the game so I can. Dump executable, find OEP, rebuild IAT, remove checks.. job done… dump onto various TS’s, people enjoy for free.

    So Travis as you see its lose lose for you no matter what, and you have yourself to blame, what goes around comes around and perhaps your ego will have deflated by the end and then maybe you will treat people correctly. And oh im nasty am I? When this was happening I severed ties to a few of the girls so that no trouble would come to them from chatting to me. Would you have done the same thing with roles reversed I dont think you would have.

    As to others, buy the game, not for Travis’ sake but for the girls in the game they are the ones who really made the game and need that support and recognition.

  9. Here’s a funny thing… the last time I commented about this game, it was July 2008, and I joked about Tekken 6 beating this game to release. WELL, it’s December 2009 and STILL the game is not out, and there’s still no word on when it will be out.

    Whatever. Soulcalibur IV has bikini babes up the wazoo already available. Heheh…

  10. Welcome to the wonderful world of Travis Riggs!

    Where words come before thought, as do actions.

    I wonder what sort of excuse he will come up with this time to battle my post!

    Who knows and who cares πŸ™‚

    Good luck with your blog TLG πŸ˜€

  11. I m gonna be really harsh here.
    BKB was NOT an ok game. If there were no semi naked women in there , nobody would have tried that shit. No really, non existant hitboxes , some characters have as many as 20 FRAMES just to crouch and they go through all of them before crouching ( 3s Q feels like the Flash compared to them ) .
    It looks and plays just like any fighter made from an unknown AMERICAN mom basement software house would . like shit.
    Having said this, like all of you i am waiting for the sequel just because there will be more half naked girls . No beating around the bush , you re in for it too. Ok Having said this , i had a lot of fun in reading that piece against Travis … because whenever i jump on the site , i always am puzzled by those silly idiots who post there and NEVER EVER ask for the damn game.

    I mean , this game is never coming out . This guy has been saying it ll be out for an year . Open your eyes people , he s full of shit.
    He s just doing this silly “hype” thing in order to sell useless DVDs and merchandise.

    You know, the old , come for the tits and buy something while you re at it.
    I mean , anytime he has some big announcement , some useless merchandise pops up …and well, he knows that s the only way to sell that JUNK. And you all play along .

    I m glad some people i read here realized how full of shit that guy is.
    This game is never coming out, as its only an hype tool to let you buy m erchandise that costs 2$ to make and nets 10 times those $

  12. HOLY CRAP!!!!!

    It’s Jan 2011 and this game is still not out! Amazing!

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