According to Bethesda Software, the makers of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, their next RPG opus Fallout 3 will, thanks to many branching paths and variables which affect the overall storyline, have as many as 200 ENDINGS. Okay, after we all pick up our jaws from the floor, let’s take this with a grain of saltpeter. The endings probably involve slight variations, some changes in characters suriviving, situation details and so forth. I don’t think there will be 200 CG cinematics to unlock, but darn that would be awesome. Anyway, according to the devs, they’re shooting for a 20-hour game but the whole thing easily goes over 100 hours. WOW. And you thought Oblivion was big.

Can’t wait for the apocalypse then. Fallout 3 hits later this year.


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