UPDATED: Another babe, more fighters for Soulcalibur IV

Another face joins the Soul Searching…


Big additions to the Soulcalibur IV roster. As we reported earlier, there’s another new babe in the lineup aside from the recently-debuted Scheherazade. Her name is Angol Fia, or Angel Fear, and she’s a creation of Mine Yoshizaki, the manga-ka behind Keroro Gunsou or Sergeant Frog. Angol is apparently some kind of world-destroying uber-deity, so just why she’s mixing it up and fighting the SC crew for possession of the Soul Swords is probably just as plausible as the reason why Darth Vader and Yoda are in there too. Hmm.

Anyway, Gamersyde just posted a nice scan of a Japanese mag which reveals as well THREE more fighters in the game- Amy, the kinda-Goth, underaged moe ward of Raphael; Cervantes de Leon, the undead pirate and father to Ivy; and Zasalamel, the scythe-wielding mystery man from Soul Calibur III.

This is pretty cool, and all I need now is to see Setsuka come back as well (I expect her to be unveiled soon). The SCIV roster seems pretty robust and solid now, and makes me wish the days faster even more into June. Calibur is going to be HOT.

Anyway, look at the cool stuff in Gamersyde’s SCIV scan here.


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