Scheherazade Up Close

Legolas' Sister?
Scheherazade’s ears aren’t the only pointy things she has…

Watch-Impress just put up a page with the Character Profiles of the latest fighters to join the cutting-crew in Soulcalibur IV. Included among them is the profile and pics of Scheherazade, the elfin character recently introduced as the latest Calibur alumnus. Well, it’s now revealed that her weapon is a rapier- perhaps making her similar to Raphael– and she looks far better in-game than she did in the artwork previously shown. I still think she seems more in place in a Japanese RPG than Soulcalibur, but who am I to refuse a hot babe? Hopefully her moves will be different enough from Raph to make her more than a substitute for Jailbait Amy in SCIII.

Anyway, check out all of Scheherazade’s new pics, as well as pics of Xianghua, Kilik, Maxi, Yun Seoung, Seung Mina and Lizardman at Watch Impress’s Soulcalibur IV Profile Page.


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