Musing about Tekken 6 PS3: Home-only Modes

We’ve already talked about the upcoming Tekken 6 home version’s Intro and Story mode- this time, let’s go into the nitty-gritty of the expected console game and see the stuff that will keep us playing long after we’ve seen every one of the 39 or so CG endings.

Arcade Mode AKA Ghost Battle is a MUST, given how it was so awesome in the PSP and PS3 versions of Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection. Using ‘player ghosts’ taken from the arcade machines’ data, this is basically VF5’s Quest mode without the need to walk all over a map of virtual Tokyo. You go up against various simulated player personae of varying levels, funny names and expertise, from Beginners to the skilled Brawlers, Berserkers and Mentors.  I have to say, the A.I. of Tekken’s ghost characters can be pretty brutal, so it really gives you a good feel of playing against a real player- well, as much as you can get if you can’t rustle up another warm body to play with, or if your internet connection’s shot. This mode never gets old, so it’s one we’ll be looking at immediately.

We expect Arcade Mode will let you earn gold and cash to buy those cool Customizations in the game, occasionally doling out Roulettes so you can bring in the big bucks.

V.S. Mode is a staple in any fighting game, and we want this to be customizable and full of options, from basic stuff as setting up for human or CPU opponents, number of rounds, life bars and stages, to stuff like setting Rage Mode parameters and hopefully setting up customizations so if you want to fight a bikini-clad Christie all day, you can.

Team Battle hasn’t been seen in a while, but Tekken 6 PS3 should benefit given how you can customize characters to be part of a team with common items and colors.

Theater Mode is tied in with the Story Mode, and basically is a media player so you can watch any of the unlocked cinematics and cutscenes in the game, or play any of the music tracks. I hope the movies are mostly in real time, so you can conceivably see your characters’ customizations reflected in any in-game cinematics.

Battle Theater is something taken from Soul Calibur, and I hope they can do something like that here. You can set up a fight between two CPU characters, and for this mode you should have access to all the customization options. You set up character appearance, rounds of play, stage, skill level and just let the fighters go at it. Camera control and match records (for slow-mos and replays) would be awesome as well.

In that same vein Battle Recording should be implemented so you can record matches fought in VS, something VF5 missed out on. You can record your battles and then upload them online or download them from your PS3 (or just record on TiVo or other AV recorder).

Special Play Modes are a toss-up, but Namco usually throws something new in from left field, and they’re usually cool. Whether it’s Tekken Ball, Tekken Bowling, Tekken Force or Devil Within, it’s really nice to see the dev team go an extra mile for fan service. Maybe they can throw in an RTS-like Zaibatsu vs G-Corp minigame? A drinking game with Miguel? Tekken Strip Poker with the hot ladies? Gambling mini-games ala DOAX to earn more cash? It’ll be exciting to see what surprises, if any, the developers come up with this time.

Character Customization is one of my favorite things in the new fighting games, and I wish they really go all out in implementing this in the home version, even better than they did in the previous games. The most basic thing I would wish for would be new, extra items for the PS3 game, the ability to see the items and customs on your character before buying or purchasing the stuff, and support for multiple character profiles. And I’ll also throw in sexier underwear for the girls as well, since the shorts that go with Asuka, Ling and Lili’s skirts are just not hot enough.

Online Modes are something we expect as well since Tekken 6 PS3 will be online-capable. Aside from the usual Online Matchplay, I hope for the ability to upload you matches and rankings, see leader boards and watch uploaded high-level play. This should make for a very lively and active online presence for Tekken 6, and more longevity for the game as well, as it has done with Tekken DR.

WHEW! That’s a lot. Clearly, Tekken 6 PS3 should have a lot of stuff in it, and I hope Namco can fit it all into a single BD without any cutbacks. Let’s hope that the home division has been working on this stuff all this time so it doesn’t take too long for this game to reach us. Anyway, just a week or so to April, and news of the console version. More on this as we go


3 Responses to “Musing about Tekken 6 PS3: Home-only Modes”

  1. it’ll be cool if there was like up to 4-player team battle.. color-coded teams like first Blue vs Red.. if Blue Wins then a Yellow team character steps in, if Yellow wins the greens are on, if yellow wins again the reds are on again.. until all characters run out and the last man standing’s team wins…. i’d love playin that w/my friends online or off im happy..

    and a story mode where you can create your own character wouldnt be a bad idea, maybe the tekken characters you meet in your journey teach you some moves and you can put xp on your speed, strength, defense etc. anyway, i’m lookin forward to hearing about Tekken 6’s intergration in ‘playstation home’, like cool trophies and stuff.. that’d be cooool.

  2. All Too Well Says:

    It’d be also cool if they like…. have a mini-game similar to CS… but I’m pretty sure that won’t happen. XD

  3. I remember when I was playing tekken 5 for the first time, ah good times

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