Musing about Tekken 6 PS3: Story Mode

Storytelling isn’t the strongest suit of videogames, which explains why breakthrough narratives such as in Bioshock receive so much praise when they happen. In fighting games in particular, the story is often just thrown in as a flimsy excuse for all the beatdowns handed out en masse. Some, like the Virtua Fighter series, keep the story separate from actual gameplay, present only in the literature and side materials. Quite a few fighting games on the other hand make their characters’ backgrounds, current events and future a major part of the title’s enjoyment.

The Tekken series has been a story-driven fighting game since the original PSX version, something we discovered after beating the game and were treated to a CG cinematic detailing some event- sometimes incomprehensible, sometimes weird, always awesome. The Story mode endings of Tekken can be seen as  a bit of a measuring stick for CG graphics, as with each new game the cinematics get better and cooler. Tekken 3’s CG was a huge leap over the previous games, and from there into Tekken 5 and DR, Tekken CG seems to have no equal. Now, Tekken 6’s redone, hi-res graphics are, once again, a big leap from the preceding games. CG is CG, but even the real-time, in-game graphics are pretty awesome with incredibly detailed character models and dynamic lighting. Tekken 6’s Story Mode should be pretty awesome.

Tekken 6’s overall story is grim- the world is in crisis, with most nations flattened and under the heel of Jin Kazama’s Mishima Zaibatsu. Only G-corporation stands a chance of fighting them, but in lieu (for now) of a cataclysmic war, the 6th Iron Fist Tournament is held to decide the fate of the world. There’s one chance for one fighter to reach Jin Kazama and bring him down- and perhaps find the mysterious evil behind all this mess. Who will that fighter be?

Well, we’ve got at least 39 different threads to follow in Tekken 6’s Story Mode, and they all range from stories of revenge, greed, duty, love, hate and just plain silliness. A nice thing added in recent Tekken games is how the story mode is presented- a Prologue explains the story so far for your chosen fighter, which is great to keep you in the loop.

Along the way a cut scene will play before a certain fight, showing some interaction between the protagonist and a special opponent. I’m looking forward to stuff like Nina and Anna meeting once again, or Lili facing off with her rival, Asuka. What will happen once Christie and Eddy meet? Panda and Ling? Julia and Ganryu?

Finally, an Epilogue details what happens at the end after the tournament is won, and we see the CG Ending Cinematic to reward our victory. I fully expect Tekken 6 to give us this, hopefully fully using the game’s hot looks- perhaps there will be more cutscenes? Branching paths? Perhaps even more than one ending?

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see how the story ends up given the more grave situation of things this time around. Did Jin truly turn evil? Will he be eliminated, or redeemed? Will Kazuya end up the victor? On other matters, what will happen once Bob proves he’s martial arts perfection? Will we see Zafina perform a belly dance in her ending? Will Leo take off her shirt at the end? Will Miguel amount to anything more than a drunken SOB?

39 stories, 39 endings to unlock. Replay value for games has always been awesome in fighters, and Tekken just keeps giving and giving. I can’t freakin’ wait to see them all.

Next time, we take up the other home-only modes in Tekken 6 PS3. Later!


2 Responses to “Musing about Tekken 6 PS3: Story Mode”

  1. NO! they cannot give up jin as the main protagonist!!!this is insane jin is a much more interesting character than kazuya…
    Kazuya was good when he was a kid ,maybe the producers intend for hi to win at the end.

  2. They shouldnt bring him down just taking out the evil force that is controlling Jin should be fine and Jin was and is still a hero. hopefully not many noobs that are attached to tekken 1 and 2 are wishing for kazuya to be main or a hero again -.-

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