Musing about Tekken 6 PS3: Intro

Coming soon?
WHEN, Namco, WHEN???

Okay, given their relationship with Namco as perhaps the foremost Tekken fansite on the web, SD-Tekken apparently has an idea about the much-awaited console version of Tekken 6, but they’re keeping mum about it… which makes it all the more tantalizing. Well, there’s nothing else but to just hunker down and prepare for a little wait. It’s just about ten days to April so it’s not THAT excruciating. Right? RIGHT?? Anyway, we can pass the time doing other things. Like playing Tekken 6 at the arcade. Or looking over our nice, new Tekken 6 mook, at all the nice little pictures and screens…

OR, speculate about the upcoming PS3 version.

As I’ve posted before in a pretty voluminous post about Namco’s home conversions, there’s a lot of expectations with every Tekken home game. It’s not enough to just port over the arcade game- there’s stuff to be added en masse, bells and whistles aplenty and improvements overall to be implemented to make the home version pretty much friendly to the main population of gamers.

Stuff like, a proper CG Intro/Opening Movie.

Tekken 6’s arcade intro is cool. We see lots of sinister goings-on, mainly with Jin Kazama, new CEO of the Mishima Zaibatsu, saluting his Tekken-Shu troops for a coming battle, and his main opposition, dad Kazuya Mishima, leading G-Corporation soldiers by jumping down from a helicopter. Then we see the new characters- Bobbly-Bob making a stand against some bank robbers, macho Miguel with his sister dying in his arms, androgynous Leo at some cemetery and finally, Zafina opening some big-ass door and seeing… something that surprises her. It ends with a monstrous figure we now know as Azazel, the gigantic, demon end boss. All nice and good, but we know the PS3 intro will be even better and longer. We expect the home console CG movie opening to feature all the stuff seen in the arcade intro along with appearances of all the other 33 characters, all in situations pertinent to their current storyline.

Perhaps we’ll see a flashback to Nina Williams‘ ultimate defeat of her sister Anna, which opens up ANOTHER leg of the Williams Sisters’ War- Nina now among the Tekken Force as Jin Kazama’s bodyguard, while Anna has aligned herself with G-Corp to take her sibling down. Maybe we’ll see Eddy Gordo, another recruit into Jin’s Tekken force, having to face his lover/sparring partner Christie Montiero. Will their ailing master’s life be saved, or will all of them have a bitter ending?

Most probably we’ll see the various fighters out to find Jin Kazama, for one reason or another. Asuka Kazama, Jin’s cousin and successor to his mother Jun’s place in the series, is out to capture him and stop his rampage across the world- a tall task for a teenager from Tokyo, but then she’s always been a headstrong girl. On the same path but with different end goals are Ling Xiaoyu, Jin’s classmate and perhaps love interest; Lili, the lethal-legged heiress out to save her father’s financial empire from ruin by the Zaibatsu; and Julia Chang, Native-American Eco-warrior trying to prevent a predicted apocalypse involving the warring Mishimas. Perhaps we’ll see these babes tussling with one another as they go. Perhaps they’ll work together. But to be honest, I’d prefer to see fur fly in some humongous catfights.

Then there are the tons more fighters in the tournament. Paul, Law and Steve are all in one boat, teaming up for an all-or-nothing bid to win the whole shebang and earn enough money to pay off their mounting debts (world-saviors these guys are not). Wang Jinrei is out to stop the evil he failed to stop before. Then there’s Heihachi Mishima– thrown out of the running by his son and grandson, spoiling for revenge.

The list goes on and on, but I’m sure Namco can give all the fighters their several seconds of exposure in the CG intro, whether it’s a full sequence or just a moment to pose and mug for the camera. And it’s all gonna be in cinematic quality animation, leaping out at us on our HDTVs. Awesome!

All I wish is that they don’t use another horrible song like in Tekken 5…

That’s all we can ask for the PS3 Intro. Next up, we’ll muse about the PS3 game’s Story Mode. Later then, gamers!


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