Heavenly Sword Sequel Update

Okay, some time ago I posted about a possible Heavenly Sword sequel, and here’s an update that may disappoint. Apparently no sequel is coming, at least, not from Ninja Theory, the developer of the first game. They’ve moved on to another, supposedly ‘Triple-A blockbuster’ project in the making which is meant for multiple platforms. Well, they were also aiming for world domination with HS, and that certainly didn’t pan out for, mainly, the simple fact that Heavenly Sword basically takes an afternoon to finish.  Good luck, NT… you’ll need it.

Anyway, good riddance, I say. Heavenly Sword’s IP is owned by Sony, so if they want to produce a sequel they can always give it to another developer- one who will hopefully take the game’s story, world and characters to a higher level of awesomeness.


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