Soulcalibur IV Gameplay Videos

Here I was thinking that there was nothing coming out from Soulcalibur IV all this time except for bunches of screenshots and character art. Well, apparently the game is being tested out at Live in Wembley, where these vids were taken and posted by JakubDi at Youtube.

Honestly, I’m not that impressed with the videos- Youtube vid quality regardless, the version shown was woefully unfinished and pretty crappy. The gameplay seems exactly like previous games, the animation incomplete (no proper KOs in yet)… perhaps they should have kept it under wraps until it was a more complete build. Anyway, this IS from Namco so the finished game should be leagues better than this pile.

Really, I am stoked for the game and I can’t wait for June… but I still think Tekken 6 moves, plays and looks far better, so far. Anyway, they’re both from Namco anyway. Here’s hoping that the Character Creation and Customizations is even better than T6’s. This is due out in June for both the PS3 and Xbox360.


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